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June 25 2021

In February 2021, Jérémie Arrobas and Michel Benchaya introduced the world to what is now the eSeniors GT3 World Championship. It has become a stable platform to allow participants over the age of 50 to challenge themselves against other equal racers. The growth of this has far exceeded what any plans could ever have been considered and consequently has put a lot of additional focus on the administration element of the community. Over time, a few members have provided support and input to allow this community to thrive but as the user base increases, this is becoming harder and harder for two people to focus on. As a result of this, both Jeremie and Michel have asked Mark Pocock to officially join the administration team of eSeniors to help solidify and further develop the eSeniors GT3 World Championship organization.

Since joining, Mark has helped with various elements and tried to keep the forum in order and has also allowed us to change the way events are managed. He has also taken on the additional role of commentating on races when his free time permits, and this has made eSeniors events available to other members of the community as well as the wider audience. All this allows the pressure on both Jeremie and Michel to be reduced.

There are some great ideas and plans for this eSeniors group and Jeremie and Michel are both excited at the prospect of working with Mark whilst we try and get these ideas realised.

I am sure like Jeremie and Michel, you will welcome Mark to the position.

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June 6 2021

Creation of a GT3 GROUP3

Group3 will race on Fridays 2PM EST

And compete in a 6 race Championship

starting June 11 2021





May 9 2021






 4 Championships going on at the same time:

GT4 Wednesdays

Porsche CUP Thursdays

(GT3 Warmup Race Fridays)

GT3 GROUP2 Saturdays

GT3 GROUP1 Sundays





1. 40

2. 37

3. 34

4. 31

5. 28

6. 26

7. 24

8. 22

9. 20

10. 18

11. 16

12. 14

13. 12

14. 10

15. 8

16. 6

17. 4

18. 3

19. 2

20. 1







We are rapidly growing and time has come to restructure in order to race better.

After 4 races you all know we have very fast and skilled drivers, and we also have slower and less experienced drivers.

To allow both categories of drivers to continue developing, it is necessary to create 2 Groups.

Group 1 and Group 2.

Group#1 and Group 2 will race on the same Circuits but will be in 2 separate Championships.

Group 1 will be made of the 26 drivers who scored points in the first 4 races.

Group 1 will race on Sundays at 2PM EST and will continue to compete in the current Championship.

Group 2 will be made of the  drivers who never scored points in the first 4 races.

Group 2 will race on Saturdays at 2PM EST.

Drivers in this group will start to compete in a new Championship and will start scoring points and get ranked.

We will have the Warm up Race on Thursdays and the Porsche Cup Races on Fridays.

These 2 Races are opened to drivers from both groups

Drivers in Group 2 will have the possibility to get in Group 1 when their lap times and consistency will allow that.

Newly arrived drivers will have to participate in warm up Races in order to get evaluated and then guided towards the appropriate Group. Or choose to start immediately racing in Group 2

Drivers from both Groups will be able to practice all week long on our acc senior server.

Registration for Kyalami and future Races will be made separately. Group 1 will register for Sunday race and Group 2 will register for Saturday Race.

Thank you.

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