eSeniors PWS Ginetta Cup Series

Welcome to the eSeniors PWS Ginetta cup series starting October 4th 2022.

Eseniors rules and conduct will apply for each round. Three Car skins will be made available, as part of the entry you agree to run these, your numbers will be as the eSeniors number channel.

Skin 1 will be for Group 1 drivers

Skin 2 Will be for Group 2 drivers

Skin 3 will be for the Invitational driver. (These drivers will be invited by admin and you can nominate them to admin)

Races will be as the eSeniors championship using ESeniors points scoring.

There will be Monetary vouchers for the winners these will be provided by Sponsor PWS Group 1 1st 2 nd 3 rd .

Group 2 1st 2 nd 3 rd

Invitational 1 st 2 nd 3 rd

NOTE—admin have the right to reallocate podium prizes if one class is low subscribed of under 10 drivers.

The PWS Drivers have also donated 3 prizes which will be randomly drawn at the end of the series for drivers who have completed the maximum number of rounds



Invitational Car

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