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How about this bugger...

Started this computer racing when my brother let me play ATV on his PS2 or 3 many, ahem, many years ago. I was fascinated with what the developers/programm gamers did and how far it all has come. I was using a Thrustmaster T300 and pedals for a several years, then I moved to a smaller castle and now I am back on a controller only set up (for lack of space) with a midrange gaming PC. Really looking to upgrade to better GPU currently still using a Zotac 1070ti but may get a 1080ti or 40 series with RGB. I am a School Bus driver and mostly play Assetto Corsa (modding it out with 95% race cars), ACC, F1, Raceroom (hardly) and RF2 (almost never). I recently uploaded 2 flight sims because I want to be a commercial pilot or a fighter jet jockey - haven't decided yet - all in good fun tho!

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Getting Smart
Getting Smart
Oct 19, 2023

Reading all the rules you have here... looking to start beginning races I guess.

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