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I am 67 have 3 great kids, live in a small oceanside town south of Boston, USA. Close enough to the water to get some high tide issues where i have to move my car during the winter storm season. I have had my own businesses for over 40 years. Currently have an I/T consulting firm providing cross platform support for small to mid size companies.

My racing started when i was about 17 building muscle cars for drag racing at a track that was about 30 minutes away. I moved away and got into owning and working on BMW, Mercedes and Porsche cars. Did not race but appreciated the difference between the American muscle cars vs european street track cars.

i started sim racing about a year ago with Asseto Corsa. Got a G29 setup, wheel stand and comfortable socks.

I now have ACC and found this group, made my mistakes and appreciate the comradare of the racers here always helpful. Starting from back of the pack and slowly working my way up with thanks to everyone.

Peter Miles

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