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Please introduce yourself, tell us about you (age, nationality, profession) and how you became a simracer

Don Queen, 54 years old, USA.

I started sim-racing back in the late 90's with Papyrus/Sierra's NASCAR based titles. I stopped for about 10 years, getting back into sim-racing around 2016 with Codemaster's F1 games before finally discovering ACC.

How long have you played ACC ?

About 2 years

Tell us how the idea of the eSeniors came to you ?

I stumbled across this awesome group on Facebook.

How was it racing in the Eseniors Championship ?

Eseniors has been the best community I've been associated with in 20+ years of sim-racing.

How many hours did you spend preparing yourself for a Race, and why is it important ?

Entirely too much, lol.

Honestly, and I have witnesses, I'm on one the Eseniors servers 4-5 nights a week for 2-3 hours. I probably talk to Steph or Jonathan more than I talk to my wife.

What I'm trying to say is I have a problem. 😂

What kind of equipment do you use (wheel, pedals, PC, screen, etc) ?

CSL DD base

Formula V2.5 wheel

T-LCM pedals

Stream Deck button box

Samsung 49" ultrawide monitor

SRS Shakekit

Home built DIY rig

Do you buy setups or do you setup your car alone ?

I've purchased CDA setups, but by the time the green flag flys, it's been highly modified to fit my driving style and whatever conditions we're racing in.

What makes you faster than the rest?

I don't necessarily think I'm faster than the rest, but I'm fast enough, I'm hard to pass & I tend to stay on track and finish races.

What is you favorite car and why ?

Prior to the patch, I would of said the Ferrari. But after the patch, it thinks it's a Porsche and randomly tries to kill you.

I'll be changing to the Aston Martin as I move to Group 2 next season.

What is you favorite circuit (s) and why ?


I love the history of this old school European track. Even in the current configuration, it's the longest track with every imaginable type of corner. Also the fact that there's more than one or two passing zones per lap makes for a great drivers track.

Who are your childhood racing heroes ?

As a child growing up in the American South, my childhood racing heroes did allot more left turns than right's.

Oddly enough during the height of the NASCAR craze, I was more a fan of a team owner, Jack Roush, than any particular driver. For years, as long as you were driving a Roush Ford, I was a fan of yours.

What is the best advice you would to give to a simracer ?

Same if give to a real racer, nothing beats seat time!

Are you satisfied with the Eseniors organization, and do you have suggestions to help bring a higher level of competition ?

I'm human, so of course I have ideas that I feel if implemented would improve things.

On a serious note, I do feel that as a member of Eseniors, I have an opportunity to give my opinion and the admins listen and take all advice under careful consideration.

And finally, the most important many speeding tickets have you accumulated to date ?

Way too many!! My race red mustang doesn't help either, it looks like it's going 90 when it's parked, lol

However, since March of 2020 I've only put 8 tanks of gas in my car and I've had zero tickets!!

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