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Please introduce yourself, tell us about you (age, nationality, profession) and how you became a simracer

Hi my name is Laszlo Nemeth, 50% Hungarian blood from fathers side but born and raised in the Netherlands. I worked for 38 years in the Chemical Process Industry started as a process operator, promoted to team

leader, Production Leader and for the last 5 years as a Maintenance Manager. At 62 I had the opportunity to retire and I took it. I am married and have two adult boys. My hobbies are landscape and bird photography, Simracing, cycling and travelling with our Adria Camper. Due to the photography most of the holidays are planned in countries with beautiful landscapes such as Iceland, Scotland, Norway, France and Sweden. Still on the list: Ireland/England (Lake District, West Coast, and so on).

I have always loved racing, cars, motorbikes, karts, bikes doesn't matter. I owned a Suzuki GSX 750RR and did on a regular base race at a circuit here in the Netherlands. Due to a few crashes I decided it was to dangerous and costly to continue and sold the bike and started cycling. Cycling in the Alpes or other mountains was as exiting as motorcycling, going downhill with 80-90 km/h gives you an adrenaline kick. All this was in my younger years, nowadays I am a real senior, no high speed adventures anymore.

How long have you played ACC ?

As most of us I picked up simracing again during the Covid pandemic, somewhere mid 2020. In the old days I had bought me a G27 Logitec with pedals to play Grandprix 4, Dirt-Rally and so on.

So I digged up the old G27, mounted it on the desk and started with RaceRoom, but quickly I bought ACC. Playing ACC was much more fun, but soon I realized that the G27 mounted on a disk wasn't good enough and the race to better equipment was started.

Tell us how the idea of the eSeniors came to you ?

I saw a Youtube video of Andy Lees referring to eSeniors, so I joined the Discord contacted Jeremie and Mark and became one of the eSeniors

How was it racing in the Eseniors Championship ?

I joined eSeniors in the mid of the 2021 autumn-winter championship, so it was not allowed to join championship races, but did some free races. I started in group1 for the 2022 season. It was not a good start I was to wild, to impatient. In the first race (Laguna Seca) I took out Mark Christopher in the first or second lap and had multiple contacts. The result was that I had a suspension of 13 days after one race. Missing the second race of the championship. I felt ashamed of myself and understood I had to change my driving. Since then I have been more patient and cautious on track, so far I didn't receive a steward penalty. I am not error-free and still bumping others but they are less severe then before. Hopefully I can change my reputation to the better.

How many hours did you spend preparing yourself for a Race, and why is it important ?

Between 2-4 hours if it is a track I know well, more hours if the track is (relative) new for me. I use Youtube trackguides to learn a track, also the CDA Youtube videos are helpfull to see what gear in what corner is used

What kind of equipment do you use (wheel, pedals, PC, screen, etc) ?

GTOmega Pro cockpit

Fanatec CSL loadcell pedals

Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer with Open wheel

AOC 32" screen

Ryzen 5 3600

16 gB memory


Just enough to run ACC on 70-80 FPS. Plan is to upgrade CPU and GPU. Triple setup is also on the list

Do you buy setups or do you setup your car alone ?

I have a Coach Dave Academy subscription, so I can download every setup I want. I feel happy with it, because I know for sure it is not the setup causing me to be slow.

What makes you faster than the rest?

I don't feel me faster than the rest. At best I am top midfield in group 1, still 0,5 to 1 sec slower then the top guys. Still I gain time, can remember my first test race in group 1 at Silverstone I was death last, begging Jeremie to place me in group 2 or 3. Which he didn't do by the way.

What is you favorite car and why ?

Mclaren 720S for some unknow reason this car suits me, the car is quick on most tracks. I also love the Lexus as opposed to the Mclaren you can drive the curbs like crazy. Won the Zolder race in group 2 by literally flying over the curbs.

What is you favorite circuit (s) and why ?

Spa and Silverstone I have always being fast at this tracks

Who are your childhood racing heroes ?

Gilles Villeneuve. Unfortunately I was at Zolder in 1982 when he had this deadly crash

What is the best advice you would to give to a simracer ?

The GT3 cars are almost equal in speed so overtaking at the straight is most of the time not possible, so the temptation of dive-bombing is great. Being patient and wait for the mistake of the car before you seems the best tactic to overtake

Are you satisfied with the Eseniors organization, and do you have suggestions to help bring a higher level of competition ?

For me it is perfect, good format with all the different races and cars, great people, always helpfull but also critical if needed but honest.

And finally, the most important many speeding tickets have you accumulated to date ?

As wrote before the wild times are gone for me so for the last ten year not more than two. In my younger years there were so many that I almost lost my driver license.

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