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Please introduce yourself, tell us about you (age, nationality, profession) and how you became a simracer

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to praise Stefan, not to bury him. Whatever! I'm not quite ready for a dirt nap yet. I'm age 70, live about 50 miles northeast of Seattle, Washington USA in a valley

near the Cascade mountains. Both my wife and me are retired. We have three children and four grandchildren. We have owned an entertainment company, a wedding venue and a tiki bar. We love to travel especially to Europe,

however recent events haveput the stop to it for now.

I am relatively new to the world of sim games. The first video game I played was Pong on a console purchased at Montgomery Ward's in the early 70's. I got involved in sim racing in May 2020. I believe it was a

Youtube video that I saw about rFactor 2. Anyway, it seemed to be a great way to maintain my 250cc Superkart driving skills during the off-season and during the early Covid period. So, via STEAM, I downloaded rfactor 2,

P-Cars 2, AMS2, Raceroom, AC and ACC.

How long have you played ACC ?

I purchased ACC long before I started using it. I just could not adjust to the UI, so I put it aside until January 2021. By then, I had pretty much mastered how to use rfactor 2, P-Cars 2 and AC (with Content Manager

and SOL) so I took the plunge. It was the best thing I've done (sim-wise).

Tell us how the idea of the eSeniors came to you ?

I believe it was as simple as a Facebook search for 'sim racing'. And since I am a senior.....

How was it racing in the Eseniors Championship ?

Sim racing and eSeniors, in particular, have been a challenge to say the least. Learning to sim race encompasses a whole set of skills and knowledge that I wasn't prepared for. And having a medical issue

that allows me the use of only one hand (most of the time) is particularly challenging. Learning to adapt is the key.

How many hours did you spend preparing yourself for a Race, and why is it important  ?

Retirement and the local Covid restrictions allow me an almost unlimited time to prepare. I spend many hours driving the track (slow and fast), watching how-to videos, track walkabouts, and listening/watching the 'alien' drivers.

What kind of equipment do you use (wheel, pedals, PC, screen, etc) ?

Currently, I have an VRS DirectForce Pro base, numerous Thrustmaster, Fanatec and custom wheels converted to USB, Heusinkveld Sprint pedals and sequential shifter, Samsung G9 49" screen, Buttkicker, Steel headphones,

GT Omega Titan cockpit. I just purchased an Alienware Aurora R13 computer (i9, 64gb, RTX3080). I'm also fortunate to have stable high speed internet connections.

Do you buy setups or do you setup your car alone ?

I usually scour the internet and Youtube for setups, then adjust them for my driving style. I also support Coach Dave setups with a monthly subscription. The concept of proper car setup is still foreign to me.

What makes you faster than the rest?

Practice, practice, practice..... and paying attention to and understanding WHY the fast guys are fast.

What is you favorite car and why ?

The Lamborghini Evo is my favourite but the sound drives my wife nuts. **sigh** It drives very much like my 250cc Superkart. The new BMW M4 is my current car because it is easier to control and setup..... and is quiet.

What is you favorite circuit (s) and why ?

Suzuka. The track requires so many different skills to race well.

Who are your childhood racing heroes ?

As far as car racing goes, it was Pete Brock of BRE Datsun fame (1970s). I've never been into car racing as such. I only raced cars briefly in the early 1970s - a Datsun 1200 fastback and a 1966 Ford Mustang.

We were mostly into boat racing where Unlimited hydroplane driver Bill Muncey was king. I raced outboard and inboard hydroplanes for 12 years.

What is the best advice you would to give to a simracer ?

1. Patience.

2. Patience.

3. Patience.

4. Learn how to correct your own mistakes.

Are you satisfied with the Eseniors organization, and do you have suggestions to help bring a higher level of competition ?

Very satisfied. I have virtually-met many great folks who I consider 'friends'. I have learned much as far as racecraft, and most important of all, how to be a better person. ESeniors just needs to NOT re-invent the wheel,

as such, and take ideas, constructs and practices from other successful sim groups.

And finally, the most important many speeding tickets have you accumulated to date ?

Two. Within 10 minutes of each other. It was on my Kawasaki ZX14 motorcycle. Since sold.

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